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SIRI Cabinet

W180 D50 H61 

W78 D19.60 H24

We live in the technological era and constantly using technology devices everyday such as TV, DVD player, personal computer, record (vinyl) player, etc. It is very important how we organize them in our living spaces.This cabinet is designed to help organize the living space in stylish manner. Shelves spaces are different in height and size to accommodate different modern technology devices such as gaming consoles, DVD player, desktops, record (vinyl) player, etc. Spaces in this cabinet are also designed to display one’s favourite books or memorabilia. There is a space between the top and bottom middle shelves for the cables and also there are portals on the back of this TV stand for the management of cables and wires that are accessible from  each shelves. There are 10 different compartments in height and size.This storage helps keep the living room looking stylish and modern.

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