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I feel emptiness. I only have voracity. Voracity for creating. Voracity for changing matters with aesthetic principles. Voracity for art. Metamorphose happens through art. In my works I’m in pursuit of changing the critical condition of our environment, society, and addressing cultural issues. Ideally my pieces create challenging questions for the audience. My sculptures frame the cultural and social issues such as discrimination between gender denoting to my cultural background contrasting to the country I have chosen to reside with a polar social context.


My architecture and environmental design works spotlight environmental issues in exploring depth of sustainability and focusing on structures that are as efficient as nature, and my furniture is the response to the functional living space and human condition.

There is a continuous theme in my work and this is movement and fluidity. I draw from nature to explore the depths of organic forms, I seek the extraordinary and annex it to ordinary lives to create appealing atmosphere. I affirm that my sincere appreciation, curiosity and wonder of the world is demonstrated through my creations. The emptiness always stays with me and I will continue to peruse my voracity for learning, learning new ways of capturing my inner feeling about my surrounding through art.

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