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Infrastructure as Responsive Ecofilter

Sieve is a response to the contextual ecological complexities of Lake Ontario near the Toronto Harbour. It is an ecofilter infrastructure that proposes an approach for the future of addressing water pollution issues through active layers of fins that produce both a filtration systems as well as an animated public space. 

Sieve is composed of innovative ecological systems to clear water pollution by providing series of floatation fins and living filters connected to laboratories and restoration areas. Biomimicking floatation organs provide buoyancy and assist fins to float on the water, while sensor within the fins allow real time monitoring of pollution levels as well as dictating the expanding and retracting movement of the fins.  

Sieve is an adaptable infrastructure that filters water as well as creating a path linking the mainland to the islands, while providing tranquil social spaces and educational awareness of current ecological situations.

The greater ambitions of this project is to address water as we step into the future, where this life sustaining element is increasingly facing pollution concerns affecting both humans and other living organisms.

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