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 Spurred by Light

This pavilion is a steel structure frams with different densities in 3 parts that is made in an organic form.

The structure creates experiential spaces with use of two modifiers light and opening which are engaging together. The distance between each steel structure plays an important role in this pavilion. It lets the light and shadow intertwine and create a path through the space. There is a journey through the space. The distance between each steel structure in the first area is more than other areas which it lets the light brighten up the space and suggest walking and starting the journey. The second area’s structure are much closer together and there is more shade in the space than light. There are 3 seating areas that are built with the  steel structure and because of decreased light it encourages people to sit in     the space. The third part of the structure are built next to each other with a tiny space between them and this creates a shaded area and the structure formed in an deep angle that allows people to lay down on top of it. The journey spurred by light.

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